About Us

Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. was founded by Sol Navama, President and Owner. Sol started his career in 1974 as a Landscape Contractor. Not before long, Sol realized his passion for landscape design and installation.

As a landscaper, Sol started to incorporate Pools and Hardscape into his landscape design, which completed the entire outdoor residential environment. Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. was born.

Outdoors and Beyond was founded on the principles of creative, innovative design with integrity, attention to details, compounded by high standards of customer service.

Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. enjoys over thirty years of residential and commercial landscaping, giving Outdoors and Beyond the ability to design a turn-key projects, including pools and Hardscapes through complete landscaping and lighting.

Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. was recognized by several trades associations with awards for its accomplishments. Many customers have expressed their feeling and appreciation to its design, installation and service in a form of reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, Houzz and other publications.

When choosing a Designer / Contractor, there are many factors to consider. The following is a list of reasons why you would consider Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. as your Designer and Contractor for the next project:

Why Use Outdoors and Beyond

1. Our contract indicates the projected length of time to complete the project along with consequent penalty.
2. With the exception of the down payment ($1,000.00) allowed by Law, Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. shall only invoice for work completed – no advance payment is required.
3. Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. is licensed in three categories. C-53 – Pool Contractor’s license, specializing in new and remodeled Pools and Spas construction. C-27 – Landscape Contractor’s license specializing in Landscape Design and installation, B – General Contractor’s license specializing in design and home construction and improvement. The three licenses enable us to provide a 100% turn key projects.
4. Our work is engineered and permitted when required and it is subject to city final approval and acceptance.
5. Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. is covered by $1,000,000 liability insurance and $ 2,000,000 aggregate, Workman Compensation and Auto Insurance as required by Law.
6. Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. is bonded as required by Law.
7. Our pool structures are guaranteed for life (none transferable).
8. All our pool equipment are guaranteed for three years parts and labor.
9. Your conceptual Design fee shall be credited back to you and used against the final payment of your project.