New Pool Special

  • Design
  • Standard Engineering
  • 30′ x 15′ Pool, 6′ deep
  • 80′ Perimeter
  • Excavation with 6′ clear access
  • Steel and Gunite
  • Electrical and plumbing up to 100′
  • Filter Pump, Timer and Light.
  • Water line tile
  • White plaster
  • Arizona stone coping


The pool special includes pool equipment by Zodiac Pool Systems, the leading pool products manufacture. Both the equipment and the pool construction are warrantied.

Style Your Pool

Our current Pool Special is designed to allow you the flexibility to shape the pool to fit your needs and style.


  • Pool Design.
  • Standard Engineering.
  • One level pool.
  • Excavation with minimum 6′ feet wide access.
  • Pool Size 30′ x 15′ – not to exceed 80′ linear feet of circumference and 5′ deep.
  • Steel and Gunite per standard Engineering.
  • Electrical and plumbing up to 50′
  • Water line tile using an allowance of $ 5.00 per sq. ft.
  • White plaster.
  • Filter pump, Pool Filter, timer and one pool light by Zodiac Pool Systems with three years parts and labor warranty.
  • 12″ WIDE Arizona Stone pool coping.
  • One week start up pool service.
  • $31,950

The Limitations

While we have done our best to make the pool special as inclusive as possible, there are items that are impossible to determine without physical inspection.

You may contact us for a free estimate and our representative will address all the limitations, if any, and provide you a precise cost.

The following are the common exclusions:

  • Structural Engineering and Permits.
  • Access less than 6′ wide (will cause an increase in excavation cost).
  • Demolition – The removal and hauling of items where the pool will be placed.
  • Distance of the existing utilities from the pool equipment area.
  • Earthquake Gas Valve. Gas Line and Heater
  • Hillside conditions that requires special Engineering.
  • Fences and gates.
  • Upgrade of main electric panel if needed.
  • Maximum depth of 5′-0″ deep
  • Maximum of 80′ Perimeter.