Outdoors & Beyond: A pool and landscape design and construction firm

Outdoors & Beyond: A pool and landscape design and construction firm

Sol Navama is the founder and president of Outdoors and Beyond Inc., a prominent pool and landscape design firm based in Los Angeles. For over 39 years Mr. Navama has helped clients realize their ideal pool and landscaping visions. Specializing in pool/spa installation and waterscape development, Outdoors and Beyond prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. It is this focus on the client that continues to make Outdoors and Beyond one of the leaders in residential landscape design.

Mr. Navama spent 22 years mastering his craft with his former company, Delta Landscape, Inc. Delta Landscape’s projects included various large governmental projects, shopping centers, and condominiums. Deciding to refocus his efforts on designing pools for high-end homes, Mr. Navama founded Outdoors and Beyond in 1999. “All my life, I wanted to create an organization that could make a difference,” said Navama. “Commercial jobs are often cold and lacking the feeling and touch of the individual. It is the interaction with the individual and the search for a perfect design that I find more challenging, and far more fulfilling to be able to get into someone’s heart and mind, understand their meaning of the word “beautiful” and then place it in front of them, that to me is the ultimate gratification. Once you combine your creative talent with the ability to communicate, everything falls into place”

“This year we have taken advantage of every technological development available, such as colorful 3D renderings and virtual tours, in order to help our clients envision their property even before the job has started. We are constantly looking for faster and more efficient programs in order to improve and expedite our design process, while also making plans more affordable for our customers.”

Outdoors and Beyond offers pool and landscape designs consisting of conceptual plans through working drawings guaranteed to be approved by Homeowner Associations and your local Building and Safety.

“We pride ourselves on making the construction process an exciting experience, while building the custom paradise of your dreams.”

For more information, call Outdoors and Beyond, Inc. at 818-886-6599 or visit our website at www.outdoorsandbeyond.com